Moments and Milestones

Learning. Living. Leading. 

We are thrilled to celebrate the opening of The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation at our Fennell Campus.

It was less than two years ago, in October 2016, that we broke ground on this one-of-a-kind net zero energy project, and just last week we welcomed new and returning students. The Joyce Centre will bring learning and applied research together under one roof in a living lab. Students will have full access to all seven levels of this building, from the basement mechanics to the solar panels on the roof, so they can learn how to operate, maintain and monitor a zero carbon building.The real-time energy performance of The Joyce Centre will be visible on dashboards to all users and visitors.

They will work alongside our industry partners, who are developing new technologies, solutions and best practices for a future in which zero carbon buildings are the standard.

This building is the next step in Mohawk’s commitment to and leadership in sustainability and it came out of the dedication of internal leaders and innovative external partners who brought an ambitious vision to life.

We look forward to welcoming more industry partners and the entire community to this record-setting and award-winning showcase of environmental sustainability.